Pickup Services

Central Warehouse offers a variety of pickup services. We pick up cartridges for recycling. We also pick up confidential documents for shredding. For emergency service, please call 860-486-6297.

Pickup Cartridges and Returns

We provide pickup of cartridges for recycling (printer/fax toners). There is no charge.


Carriers pickup from the Central Warehouse every day, including Federal Express, UPS, and DHL.  To arrange for pickup of items to be shipped, please fill out the Move Form.  Shipping items must be properly packaged, addressed, and accompanied by a shipping label firmly attached. If required, the shipment must also include the air bill. For more information, see Shipping.

Cartridges for Recycling

Request Pickup—Cartridges for Recycling

We pick up used toner cartridges for proper recycling. Recycling is good for the environment and beneficial to the University. Proceeds are used to offset costs associated with recycling old University computers and other electronic equipment. Please follow these steps for cartridge pickups:

  1. After removing a new cartridge, insert your used cartridge inside the box and write RECYCLE on the box.
  2. Complete and submit the Pickup Form.
  3. Give the cartridge to the Central Warehouse drivers when they see you for the pickup.

Pickup Shredding

Request Shredding Service

We provide shredding service at no charge for CONFIDENTIAL University documents only. This service is NOT for recycling documents that are NOT confidential.

Before submitting a shredding request to Central Warehouse, permission to destroy state records must be granted. Visit Records Compliance for complete information. For additional information about records management, visit Connecticut Public Records Administration.

Confidential documents for shredding must be boxed, sealed, and labeled with the department name, phone, and contact person. Metal parts such as paper clips should be removed and the documents should not be in binders or part of a wire-bound notebook.