Delivery Services

Central Warehouse delivers material to all Storrs campus University locations.  We also deliver supplies ordered from the Document Production Center and vendors including Office Depot.

Receiving Deliveries from Central Warehouse

Our driver will give you a delivery manifest to be signed. Drivers can’t “drop off” orders without a signature. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Count the cartons before signing. The best time to correct an under or over shipment is right after you receive it.
  • Immediately inspect the carton contents. If items seem to be missing, check with co-workers who may have received the order for you.
  • If you determine that items are definitely missing, call us at 860-486-6297.

Deliveries to Non-Storrs Locations

We no longer deliver to regional campuses, agricultural extensions or other University affiliated locations outside of the Storrs/Mansfield area.  Materials needed at these locations should be purchased through Huskeybuy when possible and delivered directly to the desired location.  For items not available through Huskeybuy, please contact the Purchasing Department at 860-486-2619.