Storage Pickup Form

You may use this form to reserve storage space and request pickup of your storage items. We store items that can be safely kept on a pallet (40" wide by 48" deep by 48" high). Documents for storage must be boxed, sealed, and labeled with the department name, phone, and contact person.

NOTE: Departments are required to keep track of their stored items. We do not inventory documents or other items and we do not inform customers of outdated or forgotten material. For access to items already stored with us, please use our Storage Access Form.

  • PRICE SCHEDULE - Increases effective July 1, 2017
    • 6 months--$90.00 per pallet
    • 1 year--$180.00 per pallet
    • Pull-Down--$32.00 per pallet (2 free pull-downs per pallet for the fiscal year)
    • Floor Staging--$1.00 a day per pallet (14 days on warehouse floor permitted before the $1.00 a day charge)
    For more information about our storage rates: Storage Fees FY 18